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Fire for Fire at University of Bamenda !


Fire for Fire at University of Bamenda, Students, Population Go on Rampage

The University of Bamenda where Prof. Edward Educkat Tafah is Vice Chancellor is on fire. Students, guardians and the population of Bambili in Mezam Division of the North West Region took to the street today, January 21, 2013 to express their grievances on recent happenings. As hinted in our previous news story, the student body is aghast with the Vice Chancellor for obnoxious plans to transfer the Chancellery out of the University Campus. Barely two days after the Vice Chancellor moved the convocation ceremony to the Bamenda Congress Hall, students as well as Tubah elites are on strike to sound a warning signal to Yaounde and the Biya regime that Prof. Edukat should be stopped before he destroys the newly created University of Bamenda. Besides, it is alleged the entire institution has been “Oshied'” and transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination where everyone is oblige to pay like apes for nuts. Further more, allegations are rife at that Prof. Edukat has made self ” the Alpha and Omega” where even he goes as far as doing meager jobs such as hiring of the congress hall which he allegedly did it himself. The students and the entire population of Bambili are aghast that by transferring the Chancellery to Bamendakwe(some 24km away) from the main Campus is just like a suicide. However, the SDO for Mezam Mr. Nguele Nguele who on January 8, 2013 signed the controversial Prefectoral Order appointing members of the Committee to inspect the site for the construction of the Chancellery and Vice Chancellor’s Resident at Bamendakwe has summoned a crisis meeting. Confidential sources hinted that the problem is hot potato in the hands of the Mezam administration.

(Source: The Eye News Paper )


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