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University of Maroua will have Its own Campus This Year


Prof. Ako, speaking during the ceremony

Prof. Ako, speaking during the ceremony

The University of Maroua (Uma) will soon have its campus. Construction work at the University site at Kongola, Maroua, has considerably advanced and the Rector says in nine months to come, it would have been completed. The Rector of Uma, Prof. Edward Ako Oben, disclosed this while addressing personnel of the university, lecturers, guests and students recently at a New Year Wishes ceremony.

Insufficient lecture halls and office space remain one of the main problems of the University. Classes are being held in halls hired from private and public institutions, scattered around the town. These halls have become limited and unable to accommodate the increasing student population. According to the Secretary General of the University, Dr. Halidou Mamoudou, the problem of infrastructure remains a major problem, saying that the receptive capacity of the institution is 7728 spaces.

“The Higher Teachers Training College, ENS, takes 6079 for a total of 50 lecture halls in the premises of some public services and 35 halls hired from private institutions for 3629 spaces, while the Higher Institute of Sahel, ISS, occupies 28 lecture halls in some public services for 1,649 spaces and hires 10 halls, which makes 399 spaces.

The total amount of accommodation does not meet the teaching and office work needs of the University,” the Scribe said. With these inconveniences, a lot of effort is being put to complete the construction work. He said water and electricity supplies are being connected, completed buildings will soon be delivered while laboratory equipments are being progressively obtained.

Prof. Ako Oben, told reporters that a greater majority of the work has already been done. The Rector, meanwhile, appreciated what he termed the responsibility and maturity displayed by the support staff, who according to him resisted a recent call for a strike action. He said the situation of the support staff has greatly improved and that for four years now, the University has encouraged dialogue as the key to solving problems.

The ceremony was also an opportunity for the Rector to appreciate the level of research being carried in the institution. “The mobility of our lecturers and the number of publications that have enabled each and everyone to move to a higher grade, the volume of financing obtained from international institutions all constitute proof of the dynamic nature of this research,” Prof. Ako said in his speech on the occasion.

The Rector said he was pleased to note the increasing external interest shown towards the University. He noted the number of agreements which the University has signed with national, regional and international bodies; financial assistance obtained by lecturers or their participation in the realisation of international projects, the frequency of visiting lecturers and delegations in the institution and funded capacity building seminars.

He equally seized the opportunity to thank the university community for the humanitarian gesture shown towards flood victims in this Northern part of the country. Prof. Ako also announced the organisation of the festival of Arts, Culture and Sports of ENS Maroua and Chad in the days ahead.


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